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18600T   External straight edge stopper 84mm x 54mm  

18601U   external straight edge stopper 92mm x 117mm  

18602V   internal straight edge stopper 84 x 84 mm  

18603W   external straight edge suction holder 200mm x 200mm  

18604X   angle section holder 190mm x 190mm  

18605Y   adjustable straight edge holder 130mm x 120mm  

18606Z   straight edge suction holder 140mm x 140mm  

20515Z   glue, Neoprene, 880 g can  

35001V   U.V. Glue - 6128N, 100 g  

35002W   U.V. Glue - 6128N, 500 g   on request

35003X   U.V. Glue - 6128N, 1000 g  

35004Y   U.V. Glue - 6127N, 100 g  

35009D   U.V. glue 7561 - 100 g  

35011G   insolator protected by metal carter  

35012H   U.V. Glue - 6127N, 1000 g   on request

35014K   bulb for 350 11G  

35016M   Lamp - U.V. lamp 600 mm, 36 watt  

35018P   UV lamp - Bulb for UV lamp 350 17N   on request

35019Q   Lamp - tube for UV lamp 350 16M   on request

35020R   U.V. glue 7562 - 100g  

35021S   U.V. glue VBB1 - 100g  

35022T   U.V. glue 8H13 - 100g  

35023U   U.V. glue 7561 - 1000g   on request

35024V   U.V. glue 7562 - 1000g   on request

35025W   U.V. glue VBB1 - 1000g   on request

35026X   U.V. glue 8H13 - 1000g   on request

35031C   U.V. glue - cleaner before gluing. 300 ml aerosol bomb  

35032D   U.V. glue - cleaner after gluing. 300 ml aerosol bomb  

35034G   U.V.glue - cup to adapt needles extrusion  

35035H   U.V. glue - needles blue base for 350 34G   on request

35036J   U.V. glue - needles blue base for 350 34G   on request

35037K   U.V. glue - needles yellow base for 350 34G   on request

35038L   U.V. glue - needles pink base for 350 34G   on request

35042Q   U.V. glue 6135 - 100g  

35043R   U.V. glue - activator  

35500N   fast bonding 3M translucide acrylic glue for Polycarbonate, Plexiglas and glass, 50 ml  

35501P   degreaser before laying acrylique glue 355 00N, 1l  

35503R   cone plastic nozzle for laying acrylic glue 355 00N  

36050L   CPM / PRIM primer, container 5L  

39001T   adhesive foam V 1300, 2-sided, polyurethan, 61 m x 0,8 mm  

39002U   adhesive foam V 1300, 2-sided, 61 m x 1,6 mm  

39003V   adhesive foam V 2800, polyurethan, 100 m x 0,8 mm  

39004W   adhesive foam V 2800 polyurethan, 61 m x 1,6 mm  

39005X   adhesive foam TRB 2292, adhesion activator (on request)   on request

39006Y   adhesive foam, 3 M Scotch Mount, 10 m X 0,8 mm  

39007Z   adhesive foam V 1300, 2-sided polyurethan, 10 m x 0,8 mm  

39009B   adhesive foam V 2800, 2-sided polyurethan, 10 m x 0,8 mm  

39010C   adhesive foam V2800, 2-sided polyurethan, 10m x 1,6  

39011D   adhesive foam, 4032 Scotch Mount, 66 m X 0,8 mm  

39012F   adhesive foam, 4026 Scotch Mount double-sided, 10 m X 1,6 mm  

39013G   2 sised adhesive foam 4026, Scotch Mount, 33 m X 1,6 mm  

39014H   3 M adhesive tape Scotch VHB 4910, 33 m X 1 mm  

39016K   adhesive foam, double-sided, 10 m X 1 mm  

39019N   adhesive foam, double-sided, 33 m x 1,6 mm  

39020P   acrylic adhesive tape, 16,5 m x 5 mm x thick. 2mm  

39034D   adhesive foam, crosslinked polyethylene, closed cell, 10 m x 1.5 mm  

39037H   adhesive foam 3M, crosslinked polyethylene, closed cell, 66 m x 0.8 mm   According to the stock available

81501P   glue for mirror, 140 ml  

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