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Sales unit :  by the length
Packaging dimensions and weight
   Weight   :  72 g
   Height   :  20 mm
   Length   :  1 000 mm
   Width   :  20 mm
   Volume   :  400 cm3
Seals and waterproofing profiles
seal profile adler   water drain 6-8mm x1m translucent PVC

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seal profile adler water drain 6-8mm x1m translucent PVC

PVC sealing strip 6/8 mm for bottom of door with soft grained lips. Usable for both shower doors in 6 and 8 mm.
Length : 1000 mm

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Range of PVC clip-on seals and waterproofing profiles Adler :
A complete range of seals and waterproofing profiles fixed with a PVC clip. Some profiles are deflectors, some have a lip or bead acting as a seal and others integrate both functions in the same profile All are at least half hard: the clip is rigid when the lips have to remain flexible. Sometimes the clip contains internal stops and small, flexible PVC lips for adaptation to various glass thicknesses and good adhesion to the edge of the panel. The materials are constantly developing and the majority of Adler seals offer maximum resistance to UV radiation, for example, and to yellowing. Where appropriate, the lips of the seals are grained to limit the risk that they might stick together during prolonged closure; and the risk of premature damage to the seals – by tearing or pull-of. In the latest version of the magnetic seals, they are reversible (called multipolar), preventing any risk of confusion between North and South seals. These advantages of versatility and mechanical, UV and sticking resistance again slightly limit the transparency of the seal: it remains translucent.