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Sales unit :  by the unit
Packaging dimensions and weight
   Weight   :  115 g
   Height   :  25 mm
   Length   :  95 mm
   Width   :  40 mm
   Volume   :  95 cm3
Cylinder KESO 2000 S Ω no key after sale (on request)

Cylinder KESO 2000 S Ω no key after sale (on request)

on request

Chrome finished nickel

Ø18x30 round safety cylinders for ADLOCK handles. Two interchangeable models, TECYC-ADLER or KESO 2000 S Ω, both come with a security card that must be provided to the After-Sales Service Department when ordering keys or cylinders. Both models offer a high level of security with non-copyable keys. The KESO 2000 S Ω keys are patented. Keys not purchased with the corresponding cylinder are designated as After-Sales Service (ref. 706 72T). The cylinders ordered with a specific number are also designated as After-Sales Service.
Availability for standard and "after-sales service" items is very rapid.

Attention  To order or ask for a quotation go first to "Customer area"

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