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Adler and Capsi knobs for doors and gates
fixing  capsi façade tube 20x20 polished stainless steel

fixing capsi façade tube 20x20 polished stainless steel

Polished stainless steel

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Stiffener dia. 25 Capsi :
The Capsi stiffeners are made of square stainless steel tubing 20x20 (thickness 1). They are very strong and are designed to stiffen between fixed panels or between panel and wall, always square: no caps available, unlike the Adslide stiffeners. These stiffeners are fixed to the glass with 20mm square washers with screw covers. The construction of these stiffeners provides exceptional tearing strength; they are fully modular and can be adapted to any type of end fitting (on wall or glass) or screw-in points perpendicular to the axis of the stiffener at any point on its length. Standard finishes brushed stainless steel and polished stainless steel. Glass drill hole dia.12 mm for façade fixing and expander.