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Sales unit :  set of 2
Packaging dimensions and weight
   Weight   :  2 990 g
   Height   :  70 mm
   Length   :  275 mm
   Width   :  170 mm
   Volume   :  3 273 cm3
Self-closing hinges Adler Selection: try them !
hinge  A.S. x2 wall/glass x2   satin stainless

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hinge A.S. x2 wall/glass x2 satin stainless

Brushed stainless steel

Features :
wall to glass fixing 90°
Suitable for 10-15 mm tempered glass
Maximum door leaf weight : < 65kg
Maximum door leaf width : <1000 mm
Maximum door leaf height : <2400 mm
Self-closing when door is closed to 85°
Double action, maximum door open angle : 95°
Hold-open at 90°
Tested according to EN1154 (100,000 cycles)
2 sets of plastic shims : 1.3 mm flat gaskets and 2 mm slant gaskets

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Bandeau vert clair

Double-action cushioned self-closing hinges Adler Selection :
Double-action stainless steel hinges with cushioned self-closing: they are an effective replacement for door closers and floor or lintel pivots. Sold in pairs: the top hinge is the self-closer and the bottom one limits and controls the closing speed. Regulation of the speed is very easy and reliable. For wall-glass installation, the door can weigh up to 65 kg and measure up to 2m40; for 180 degree glass-glass installation, the door weight is limited to 45 kg. The hinge operation is double action: opening with automatic return over +/- 85° around the closed position; holding in open position of 85 to 90°. These hinges are made of stainless steel and are very resistant to corrosive environments: outdoor, swimming pool etc., and have the advantage of a durable self-closing mechanism.