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Sales unit :  by the unit
Packaging dimensions and weight
   Weight   :  1 500 g
   Height   :  58 mm
   Length   :  150 mm
   Width   :  118 mm
   Volume   :  1 027 cm3
Self-closing hinges Adler Selection: try them !
wall plate for hinges  A.S. wall/glass  4 screws   polished stainless steel

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wall plate for hinges A.S. wall/glass 4 screws polished stainless steel

According to the stock available

Polished stainless steel

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Single-action cushioned self-closing butt hinges Adler Selection :
The TRIPLE ACTION closers comprise hinges and latches for glass doors and gates of innovative, patented design. They prevent any risk of malfunction (noise, vibration, premature aging) without adjustment. The latches designed for swimming pool glass safety barriers are magnetic: the bolt emerges opposite the strike plate and cannot impede the gate when it closes. The hinges have a dual self-closing system: mechanical by magnetic torsion spring for maximum holding torque at the end of return; and a system of stainless steel dampers to brake the door hydraulically at the end of closing, preventing the fingers being trapped and destructive shock and vibration to the hinge and latch fixings. In any situation, the automatic closing is faultless and cushioned for any door opening from 0° to 90°. The hinge is still very compact: its clean forms match the varied designs of the other door components: ADLOCK handles and locks etc. These hinges are suitable for fitting to store fronts, interior doors, entrances, offices etc., replacing floor pivots and tube hinges. For coated glass 10 to 12 mm thickness.