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Sales unit :  set of 2
Packaging dimensions and weight
   Weight   :  1 640 g
   Height   :  85 mm
   Length   :  170 mm
   Width   :  90 mm
   Volume   :  1 301 cm3
Minidouche and Super Venus, Year 2000 hinges
self-closing hinge minidouche gl/gl.90 x2  gilded brass

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self-closing hinge minidouche gl/gl.90 x2 gilded brass

According to the stock available

Polished brass

"MINIDOUCHE" hinges, glass/glass, 180° angle, chromium-plated brass. Stop in any position except for angles at +/- 15° around the 90° position. For door 8 to 10 mm thick, maximum load for a pair of hinges : 31 kg (H x w : 180 x 70 cm).
For bigger door's sizes, please check with the software "door hinges" (click on the thumbnail "calculation").
Supplied with cut-out shims and 5 x 40 mm wood screws.

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Bandeau vert clair

Self-closing hinges Minidouche :
If the classic is a must, MINIDOUCHE is made for you! A self-closing hinge with a proven mechanism (the Isodouche® one), small in size (82 mm x 54.5) but robust in construction, it is intended for doors of 8 and 10 mm thickness (up to 31 kg). For larger size, increase the number of hinges per door (typically 3 hinges per door), consulting the professional rules, or choose different Adler models (Isodouche, Super Venus, Super Saloon, Capsi). It stops in any position except the 15° zone on either side of the 90° position: Isodouche self-closing. Very strong die cast brass. The self-closing motor is integral with the plate casting: the visible connecting screws in the Isodouche have disappeared; the construction is far more robust. Supplied with cut shims.