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Sales unit :  a pair
Packaging dimensions and weight
   Weight   :  1 060 g
   Height   :  105 mm
   Length   :  195 mm
   Width   :  85 mm
   Volume   :  1 741 cm3
Minidouche and Super Venus, Year 2000 hinges
indexed hinge super venus gl/gl.180 x2  gilded brass

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indexed hinge super venus gl/gl.180 x2 gilded brass

Gilded brass

SUPER VENUS hinges with wall mounting plate; for 8 or 10 mm glass. Stop in any position except for a 10° zone on either side of 0°, 90° and 180° position. The maximum load for a pair of hinges is 50 kg, for 10 mm glass. Supplied with plastic wedges. Gold plated brass.

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Bandeau vert clair

Indexing hinges Super Venus :
The Super Venus hinges form the synthesis between a high end design product line (registered pattern), an innovative mechanism (ADLER SAS patent for the spring ring self-closing mechanism, without doubt the simplest on the market) and remarkable mechanical properties: design load 50 kg (2 m (H) x 1 m (l) in 10mm glass), corrosion and dirt free. They are intended for 8 and 10mm glass. The Super Venus hinges hold the door securely and provide self-closing in zones close to 0°, 90° and 180°. For self-closing in an exact position, we recommend also fitting magnetic waterproofing seals (see 790). Very strong die cast brass.