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Sales unit :  by the unit
Packaging dimensions and weight
   Weight   :  39 000 g
   Height   :  360 mm
   Length   :  420 mm
   Width   :  1 800 mm
   Volume   :  272 160 cm3
Vacuum lifter - multi-purpose - Powr-Grip®
Channel Lifter Powr-Grip® on line, 4 pads

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Channel Lifter Powr-Grip® on line, 4 pads

on request

1 year warranty

POW’R-GRIP® lifting beams, self-powered with rechargeable 12 VDC battery, multipurpose for workshop or job site, ergonomic and very light-weight with its 100 % aluminium frame, secure and simple to use.
Pick and place with manual valve control; 0/90° tilt and continuous 360° rotation (or 180° for Model 211 00L) by manual action.
As per standard EN 13135, all of these lifting beams are equipped with a dual vacuum system, audible alarm and light warning signalling insufficient vacuum pressure and double action for placement.
300 cm³/system vacuum tanks, dimensioned for maximum autonomy.

Channel vacuum lifter with 4 pads Ø280 on line. Load capacity: 320 kg
Self powered with battery with 2 manual load movement (0/90° tilt and continuous 360° rotation) this Powr-Grip® vaccum lifter is very useful and pratical to handle panels with an important ratio length/width in the shop or at the construction site. It is very safe and easy to use.
Delivered with dual vacuum system according to requirement of european standard EN 13135.
Tough and very light (32kg) with its aluminium frame.
Pick and place with manual valve control (double action for place according to EN 13135).
On-board battery and charger, 12V DC, 10A.
See technical data sheet for more details.See technical data sheet for more details.
* For spare parts, consult ADLER SAS.

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