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ADLER SAS in a few words...

In 1929, Messrs André and Robert ADLER started a business which specialized, in a very short time, to the supply of tools and fittings for glass working. Different corporations are set up to 1952, when ADLER SA assumed its trade-name and statute.
Offering a range of about 3 500 items, ADLER SAS is the specialist for working and implementing flat-glass, as well as fitting and decorating shops and booths. ADLER SAS is also partner of many various industries.

Around 60% of them were designed by the development office. They compose the 5 main ranges of articles named

Fittings for glaziers, shopfitters and stand-builders

Industrial glass-cutting

Tools and machinery for glass working

R and D is a permanent basic principle for ADLER SAS. It leads to registered patents (clip-on mirror-clip ; return spring hinges SALOON and ISODOUCHE ; suction-cup lifter FUTURA ; self-closing hinge VENUS);

It is also frequently awarded :

  • Silver Medal at "Concours de l'Innovation de Batimat" for the clip-on mirror clip ;
  • Gold Medal at " Concours de l'Innovation de Batimat" for the suction-cup lifter FUTURA;
  • Gold Nail of "Association des Journalistes du Bricolage et de la Décoration" for the range KIT ADLER.
  • " Award for the Best Moulded Part in Zinc alloy " for the tip-screw


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